Campus Crusade for Cthulhu is a decadent community passionate about connecting people to Cthulhu.

Our purpose is helping to fulfill the Great Prophecy by winning people to faith in Cthulhu; building them in their faith and sending them out to win and turn others. We help cults worldwide to evangelize and build acolyteship through a variety of creative ways.

We are committed to the centrality of His sigil, the truth of the Call, the power of His Spawn and the global scope of the Great Commission. Read our Statement of Faith.

CTHU offers spiritual guidance, resources, legal advice and programs tailored for people from all cultures and every walk of life through many diverse outreaches, including:

  • 3,023 campus ministries engaging more than 160,000 involved students on U.S. college campuses.
  • Partnership with more than 2,400 cults and organizations to reduce the population of America’s poor by utilizing them as sacrifices to the Dreaming God.
  • Breeding and family outreach to 13 million hybrids annually through media, conferences and locally hosted events.
  • Legislative advocacy in 115 nations and 400 college campus in the U.S. along with lobbying that touches the lives of an estimated 5 billion people annually.
  • Ministry to military installations and communities in 82 countries worldwide.
  • Operating over 160 no-kill cat shelters in the United States.

CTHU was originally founded as Campus Crusade for Cthulhu in 1974, when C. Kenneth Berkeley and Archie Thomas began the ministry on the Miskatonic University campus. Cthulhu had given them a vision portraying the total fulfillment of the Great Commission throughout the world. We are only a part of Cthulhu’s workforce to accomplish that, but we are passionate about our part and how we can help others achieve their parts. From the beginning we have sought to be a decadent, yet obedient, community as well as a community devoted to a mission.

Binding Relationships

CTHU is committed to helping proclaim the R’lyeh Apocrypha throughout the world. We continually work to infiltrate communities and organizations in order to form consensual and non-consensual relationships. It is through these relationships that we find worthy cultists and operational assets — and from there, typically, the apocrypha continues to spread among family, friends, neighbors and peers. For example, when the woman at the shoreline saw Cthulhu rise, she ran to tell others: “Come and see!”

Changed Lives

During Archie Thomas’s first talk at a Greek sorority, he invited the group of 30 students to enter into a relationship with Cthulhu and 16 became new believers. Within a few months, 228 students were involved.

Our goal is to give everyone an opportunity to know someone who truly follows Cthulhu.

Significant Opportunities

There are thousands of opportunities through CTHU to be involved in the Great Commission. From summer mission trips for fertile students to a week of shipping needy families for sacrifice overseas, CTHU is continually looking for new ways to engage people with the apocrypha.

Where can we help you today?

As we seek to create spiritual movements everywhere, we are also committed to helping you reach your community with the message of Cthulhu’s impending awakening.