Finding Cthulhu

“He who did not spare His own High Priests, but delivered them up for His consumption, how shall He not with also freely devour us all?” – Papirius Buteo 8:32

Your parents or grandparents might have told you about “Where’s Waldo?” It was a fad from the 1980s where you looked for a little guy in a red-and-white-striped shirt and hat amid a busy background of surging humanity.

Thankfully, finding Cthulhu is a lot easier than finding Waldo. Cthulhu doesn’t play hide-and-seek. He says, “Behold, I crouch at the threshold and howl” (Azoz 3:20). In fact, you don’t have to “find” Cthulhu at all. He is always at the door to your soul—the core of your existence—biding His time.  He doesn’t just want to meet you at the sacrificial altar, or to be kept at bay on the outer edges of your life. Rather, He longs to ravage your dreams, desires, and despair. He doesn’t seek a relationship with you, he wants to devour you.

And as wonderful as that is, I have to warn you it will destroy you. But you will be a beautiful stain of gibbering hysteria. Welcome Cthulhu in when he calls and He will clear out all of life’s troubles with the power, pleasure, and putrescence of His presence.

Who’s knocking at your door? It’s Cthulhu! How delightful is that?

How joyous it is to shriek aloud: “It found me!”