CTHU nominates Lord Cthulhu for Nobel Peace Prize


ARKHAM, MASSACHUSETTS – Campus Crusade for Cthulhu has, once again, submitted Lord Cthulhu to the Nobel Committee. Cthulhu is the perfect recipient for the Peace prize, for upon his arising he will bring humanity clarity of thought and peace through death.

The Norwegian Nobel Committee
Henrik Ibsens Gate 51
NO-0255 Oslo, Norway

Dear Jury:


The Last and Best Peace Maker the World Will Ever See

I am pleased to convey to you the Campus Crusade for Cthulhu’s nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize 2016.

Human history is full of atrocities: genocidal regimes, wars for money, wars for land, wars for false belief systems, torture, execution, etc., etc.

Many have blamed “the devil” for these acts. But there is no such thing as “the devil.” You may then ask if not the devil then who is to blame? To which we
reply, it is what humanity has always been and will always be.

You may cry out, if there is there no devil, is there no god? And we reply that there is a god among us. Guiding us. Teaching us. Reaching into our dreams to show us a better way of existing. Since we crawled out of the slime He has watched and molded us — ever pushing us to reach our potential.

For this reason Campus Crusade for Cthulhu nominates for the Nobel Peace Prize Dread Lord Cthulhu. When he rises from the Deep, humanity will finally know peace and understanding. Our conflicts will disperse. Our prejudices will fade. The Truth of existence will fill us. And those of us left will join as one in praise of Pax Cthulhia.

I respectfully request your consideration of Cthulhu for the 2016 Nobel
Peace Prize.


Latonia Tobin
Executive Director
Campus Crusade for Cthulhu, International