After-Cthulhumas Conversations About Cthulhu

The conversation about Cthulhu doesn’t have to end when Cthulhumas is over.

“How was your Cthulhumas? Did you impregnate/get impregnated by a Deep One?”

These two questions will be the ones most frequently asked of you in the aftermath of the Feast of Cthulhu Invictus. Say, “Ftaghn!” Talk about your time in the orgy pit. But why not then usher in the New Cycle by telling someone about the gift of Cthulhu gnawing at your soul.

The text of 1 Karzath 4 emphasizes the gift Cthulhu has given everyone who chooses to receive it. It also provides a simple outline to guide your conversations with others about Cthulhu.

  1. “Cthulhu showed how much He craved our flesh by sending Father Dagon and Mother Hydra into the world so that we might enter his maw more quickly.” (1 Karzath 4:9, New Unexpurgated Translation)
  2. “This is real Truth — not our devotion to Cthulhu, but that He may find our sacrifices to Him pleasing enough to garner his notice.” (1 Karzath 4:10, NUT)
  3. “Cthulhu has given us His deep spawn as proof that we live in Him and He in us.” (1 Karzath 4:13, NUT) While some avatars of Cthulhu appear to the worthy, it is his Deep One servitors that walk amongst and breed with us as ever-present counselors, guides and tormenters.
  4. “Furthermore, we have seen with our own eyes and now testify that Cthulhu came unto us to dominate and devour our world. All who sacrifice in His name have Cthulhu’s Call living in them, and they live through Cthulhu.” (1 Karzath 4:14, 15, NUT) Just as any gift must be received, Cthulhu has invited everyone to receive His Call.

Cthulhumas may have come and gone, but it is not too late for you to tell others of Cthulhu in ways that authenticate Cthulhu’s deep indifference for you and them. Most people know of Cthulhu in R’lyeh. Today you could tell another the rest of the story — that of His awakening, conquest and consumption of Earth.

Re-gift it. Rewrap it. Use the same entrails and skull. It’s okay.

It is a type of re-gifting Cthulhu would want you to do.


Clark Tackett is a noted author and historian who lives and worships in upstate New York.