About Campus Crusade for Cthulhu

Campus Crusade for Cthulhu (CTHU) is an international ministry dedicated to spreading the word of Cthulhu. Established in 1974 at Miskatonic University, we now have chapters at 323 schools worldwide.


CTHU FoundersDuring the school year of 1973-74, two students at Miskatonic University met on an anthropological field trip to Innsmouth, Massachusetts. Upon their return, C. Kenneth Berkeley and Archie Thomas looked forward to the establishment of a Cthulhu Cult on campus. Thomas sent letters to 11 students during the Saturnalia break. A dinner meeting was held for these young men at the French Hill Diner on March 3, 1974, and 6 gathered there to discuss the possibilities.

Those present at the diner felt that a Cthulhu Cult might be frowned upon by a few of the old professors. It was descided that their public face would be a “satirical” club, mocking the incessant evangelism of the local Campus Crusade for Christ chapter. C. Kenneth Berkeley appointed a committee to draw up a Constitution. This Constitution was submitted to the school and accepted at the first official meeting of the Campus Crusade for Cthulhu on May 15, 1974. Thirteen men signed as charter members.

In a 1976 letter to the Alpha Chapter at Miskatonic University, founder C. Kenneth Berkeley wrote, “the primary purpose of CTHU was to provide eldritch fellowship for men thrown into an atmosphere of rigid authoritarianism and to give forth a testimony to others of the saving and keeping power of the Dread Lord Cthulhu.”

Today, over 40 years since the founding of Campus Crusade for Cthulhu, the ministry is still committed to the truth of the Call of Cthulhu. Thousands of men, women and hybrids have served Cthulhu at our chapters in Massachusetts and Connecticut, and now serve him around the world.